01.Walking Alone



04.Song for Samuel

05.A New Day

06.One More Time


08.Old School

09.No Exit

10.Not Everyday

A New Day

Album was recorded in three exhausting but very happy days in December 2011 in Prague. It is a no boundaries, cross genre album where you can find everything from smooth jazz through funk, soul, rock, fusion and latin jazz influenced music . It reflects Robert´s musical and personal evolution as well as continuity and integrity of Robert Rovina Group.

The album was released in March 2012 by Hevhetia Records.
“I went through several life changes since my debut album was released. I moved to Prague, which is a beautiful and very inspiring city. I formed a new band with excellent musicians and fantastic people. This is a dream come true. What I wanted to do was an album that will show my enthusiasm for different music styles. I hope that you will enjoy the love, the life and passion I put into the music.”
- Robert -
A New Day was created by the following people:
Robert Rovina - composer, guitarist and producer of the cd.
Tomáš Jochmann - killer musician and jazz piano virtuoso brought his unparalelled brilliancy to the music.
Ondřej Sluka - the most musical and tasteful drummer provided the cd with solid rhythm foundation and very human feel to the music.
Tereza Čepková - recorded the bass with her strong sense for perfection. Warm and articulate sound that comes from her fingers is just irreplaceable.
Marek Buble - a man with a golden heart played all saxophones and flute with an audible enthusiasm and joy.
Dušan Marko and Lenka Novotná - two modern, awesome singers sang "Maybe" in very emotional and soulful way.
Mário Illés - jazz violinist extraordinaire added the excitement and special flavour to "No Exit".

01.Too Hot

02.July Dream


04.Good Morning



07.Blues for my friends

08.Words are not enough

09.Later On


Here I am

Here I Am is the first album of composer and guitarist Robert Rovina. His strong sense for melody comes from his influences such as The Beatles or Earth, Wind and Fire or Rod Temperton. As a guitarist he was influenced in early days by great blues players such as B.B.King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and of course Jimi Hendrix.

Later on he was more into fusion and smooth jazz music, so you can hear Al DiMeola roots as well as Larry Carlton or Lee Ritenour and also George Benson influences. The cd was recorded in 2006 with enthusiasm and love of young players. Music is covering different genres from smooth jazz, through blues and very specific world music flavoured song Rainmaker, which became very succesful and it happened that the band had to play it twice during live performance.

The music is well accepted by jazz audience, on the other hand it catches people who have not been exposed to similar kinds of music. Overall mood is changing from funky to relaxing but all the time very enjoyable.